Resources for parents from the Int’l Reading Assoc.

The International Reading Association has several publications available for free download on its website. These materials provide valuable information about reading and how to make it a part of every child’s life and “to help parents as they take on their critical role as their children’s first and most important teachers.”

The brochures listed below are particularly helpful in providing parents with a start to making reading an integral part of their family’s life.


  • Getting Your Child Ready to Read 
  • Supporting Your Beginning Reader
  • What Is Family Literacy? Getting Involved in Your Child’s Literacy Learning

Go to this page, scroll down to see a list of brochures and select the one you wish to view (in PDF format).

The IRA has also a list of books compiled by children called Children Choices, which comprises reviews of books by children.  Since 1974 the IRA has been compiling such a list and it has become “a source of book recommendations used by teachers, librarians, parents—and children themselves.” See the 2009 Children Choices booklist here.


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